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A little update

Hi everyone . Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet as of late . Myself and Rob have been super duper busy sorting a few things out .
We do have a big announcement coming soon . Well , I say big , it’s massive for us 😀
At the moment , only close family know , but I will update as soon as I can about it .

So as you can guess , I am extremely excited 😀

My mood has picked up , although I do get a few lows from day to day . But having something to look forward to , is helping !

Still missing Ellie .
We haven’t got another dog yet . Never say never though !
We all miss Ellie too much and I think we are confused . We can’t replace her and our hearts are aching for her . But yet we are all feeling lonely and there’s a massive hole in our family .
So I can see us having another dog in the near future 🙂

As my mood has picked up , I have been going to Rob’s gigs.
We went to one last night in The Lemon Factory , Swansea .
It was the best gig yet !
They started a mosh pit from no where lol
Everyone enjoyed !!
The crowd was amazing & the other bands were too !!

I have never felt so comfortable at a gig 🙂
They were all really friendly & a little bit crazy haha
Safe to say , I fitted in well 😉

So to sum everything up .
I’m feeling good .
I’m getting through each day and I’m excited for our future 🙂
The lows are still there but at the moment I can cope with them .
Right now , I’m not letting anyone bring me down 🙂