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Ulcerative Colitis and Weight Gain .

I have to state I am not a Doctor of any kind , but this is a recent subject I have found myself researching after a recent experience with a Gastro . 

It wasn’t a pleasant one .

To cut a long story short , I was told that I was obese (like I didn’t know) . But to add insult to injury , I was also told I shouldn’t be obese as “Ulcerative Colitis makes you lose weight , not put it on” .

Now I’ve struggled with my weight for the last 8 years , since being diagnosed with UC . I’ve been on liquid diets , teatox , raw vegan diets , you name it , I’ve done it . Including the gym 5 days a week for 2-3 hours a day ! I can lose a stone , but nothing more .

I explained all of this to the Gastro . He laughed . Told me to get running . So I went through all of my health issues and what the Neuro has advised me to do . He didn’t know what to say . Except that I need to stop over eating . 

That part got to me big style ! I eat a max of 800 calories a day . I always have because I can’t stomach anything more .

Needless to say he didn’t believe me and told me I need to be on 500 calories a day to see any benefit . The cheek of it ! 

So I’ve gone into , let’s say a stubborn mood since . 

As I am seeing him again on the 13th I want proof of what I consume etc a day . So I’m keeping a log of my caffeine , water and food intake . Along with my steps , sleep pattern , heart rate , blood pressure and glucose levels . 

I have also done some research . It took me a while to find it via Google so I decided to take a better approach . 

Like many sufferers , I join groups and forums . So instead of reading I asked the question directly and went on to explain my experience .  

So many people came forward with their experience with weight gain and UC . 

The way my gastro had explained it to me , it made me think I was the only obese person with UC ! But I’m not . 

Over the years I have been on numerous medications . I have also been on steroids . All of which have made myself and countless others gain weight . 

As you know , gaining weight is easy , the hard part is losing it . People of all ages have answered my question and they are all struggling with the same thing . 

Whilst UC does make you lose weight , the medications make you gain and gain . I stopped mine over a year ago and went natural . I now refuse to put any toxins / chemicals in my body . Although I can’t lose the weight …. yet , I am hopeful that I will . It does take time for the body to reset itself and start getting it’s rhythm back , I’m just hoping that’s soon so I can prove this ass of a doctor wrong !

I thought I would share this experience with you as I found it difficult to come across what I needed . I hope this helps a little for anyone in the same dilemma as me . 

If you want more information or just need to chat to another UC sufferer , please feel free to leave comments below .

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Gym & Depression

I started the gym last Monday (20th)
It’s been really great ! 
The first day I was with a personal trainer for induction and she went over what to do and not to do regarding my illnesses . She was really great with me . 
I was so nervous before going . Although I went with a friend . I didn’t know what to expect and my anxiety was sky high . 

I didn’t sleep properly the night before , I felt too sick to .
I had about 2 hours sleep before heading to the gym at 9:30am .
I was shaking but doing my best not to show it . 

The trainer kept asking me questions and I could only answer with one word to start with . After 30 minutes I was ok . But to start with , it was hell (mentally) . 

But I did it !! I fought through the anxiety and I went . I felt so much better for it 🙂 

I am now on day 3 , going into day 4 of the gym and I am feeling the benefits already !!

I lost 10lbs on the teatox diet , in 9 days !! So that helped boost me a little . 
I am currently waiting for my 28 day teatox to show up so I can carry on with it 😀 
But the gym is helping on top . 
I do feel tired after it , but it is only the first week 🙂 

I am eating healthy still . But enjoying it . I have cut out rubbish but I do enjoy my food . I play around a lot with things to get the best flavours . 

I’m not ready to put photo’s up yet of my fat belly , but once I get to a comfortable weight , I will show you all the results 🙂 
I was 15.5 stone before starting and am currently down to 14.09 stone . So I am slowly getting there . Little by little 🙂

The gym has been challenging . I can’t push myself too hard as I have spine problems and knee and hip . But I am on the treadmill for 20-30 mins a day and the bike for 10 mins . I go on the rower for 10 minutes if my body is up to it . But that is my routine 🙂 
I’m not allowed to lift weights , sadly , but the rower should make up for that .

I went to the gym yesterday with my best friend . She had been there longer than me so had to leave to make an appointment . As it was quiet I decided to stay . I lasted 40 minutes in there all together . I only left because someone else came along . 
I’m still not ready to face the world alone . But I am getting there . 
It is a struggle and I still get major panic attacks . But I am handling it a lot better now 🙂

With my depression , over the last 3 days , I have seemed to pick up a lot . 
The Teatox was also helping a little , but the gym seems to be helping more , and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it 🙂 

Having to leave the gym after 40 mins did effect me a little . It didn’t last too long though . 
I did think I was stupid and others would see it that way and call me on it . They haven’t though 😀 
The depression and bad thoughts lasted about 30 minutes or so and then I just got on with my day . (Not that I do much lol) .

Today was a better day as myself and my best friend lasted an hour at the gym together . We decided an hour was enough for us today and next week we will try going for an hour and a half . 
But we are building up to it . 
Last thing we need is to push ourselves too far and have to take a break so soon haha .

We are going 5 days a week , but taking the weekend as a rest so we don’t over do it 🙂 

I will keep updating my progress on the gym and let you know how my anxiety and depression weighs up too . 

Hopefully , it will keep getting better 🙂

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Diet Day 5

The diet’s going well , I think .
I haven’t weighed myself yet as it’s only day 5 but I have noticed my double chin has gone down 😀

I feel less bloated . My stomach is still fatty lol but I don’t feel like a balloon all the time . I feel like I can breathe out without looking 8 months pregnant :/ haha !

I am still having a cup of tea / coffee though . Only one a day 🙂 (instead of 6-8)
I have substituted all sweets for fruit 😀
Tesco have an awesome selection ! I have found lemon golden raisins , which are my new fave thing !!
Also dried cherries 😀

I do find myself craving for a lot of veg too . Carrots , peas and sweetcorn mainly .
As I’m veggie I use quorn bits in with the veg . Today (and yesterday) I have had peas , sweetcorn and quorn bacon bits , in a bowl with a teeny pinch of salt 🙂 OMG !! So yummy !!

I’m also finding myself drinking a lot more water 🙂 I love my fizzy peach water but also apple and pear barley squash . Along with plain water too .
It’s best ice cold though as room temp , I find , is harder to drink :/

I have made plans to start the gym . Sadly, something has happened this week so I can’t make it . I have to book an induction but they only do them on a Monday . So I will be booking myself in for next Monday 🙂
I can’t wait to get going . I’m going with 2 friends so we can motivate one another .

Thanks to TeaTox , I actually have the energy to do something lol
I’m not needing to nap in the afternoons anymore 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I didn’t need a nap !! I feel great .

It helps my depression big time . I’m wanting to get up and do things !
I’m not just sitting around “bored” . I’m up and moving around . Watching programmes , making food , sitting in the garden , etc .

So there are many benefits of being on this diet 😀

Just 9 more days to go and I will post my before and after weight .
I’m only on the 14 days trial but I will be going onto the 28 day trial after this !

Let’s see if I can lose this 5.5 stone by August . I’m feeling positive 😀

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Diet day 1

Diet day 1 went rather well I think …. 

I haven’t eaten any rubbish . I have substituted all sweets / crisps etc for fruit . My fave currently being Strawberries and Bio Yogurt ! :O Delish !! 

The Teatox drink tastes a lot like lavender . Which isn’t too bad but it’s hard to finish a cup . 

I WILL plough on though and find a way to ignore the flavour though , haha . 

Although it’s only day 1 , I have felt the effects of having more energy 😀 
I usually nap between 6pm & 8pm as I have zero energy to keep going , but today I haven’t ! Which is a first in a very long time !
I even had a busy day .

I woke up at 10am . Showered , changed , went to Burry Port to get my hair cut and styled . Came home for some lunch . Then went back to Burry Port to see Rob & visit his Grandparents . Then got home about 9:30pm . It’s been non stop , but I’ve not felt the need to nap 🙂 

Rob has decided though , that he doesn’t want to start the gym . He is sticking to his bike . So myself and my best friend are going to start the gym next week 🙂 
We are going to go at 9:30am for 2 hours , Monday – Friday . Only doing light exercises though as we both suffer with bone and joint problems . But we both want to lose a lot of weight .

My aim is 5.5 stone by August and hers is 6 stone 🙂 Then once we have lost it , we want to keep going just to keep our weight the same 🙂 
I also have a wedding next June so want to look good for that one as well ! lol

Lots of plans . Which is good ! It’s another massive leap for me with my anxiety and depression . 
I know it won’t be as easy as I’ve put it across …. I wish it was . But I will get there . I am determined and have my best friend by my side 🙂 We can do anything together ! 
We have gone through everything together since we were 3 years old .
We both suffer with mental illness too so are both battling this together 🙂 

So fingers crossed for next week !!

I am pretty excited though 😀 

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TeaTox , Getting slim & helping my depression

As of tomorrow I am starting a diet.
I am sick to death of struggling with my weight day in day out .

I don’t eat a lot but I bloat !

I’ve tried just eating healthy and upping my daily meals to 3 a day instead of 1 but it makes me feel sick . I bloat and am in a lot of pain .
Since I started on my medication 3 years ago , I have put on 5.5 stone. It’s not helping my depression and it’s making me more and more lazy . I have next to no energy through it all and I hate photos of myself. I see myself as the fat blob in the corner.

We have a wedding in August so my aim is to drop 5.5 stone by then 🙂
Myself & Rob are hoping to be starting the gym next week . 2 hours for 5 days a week , every week after he finishes work.
We both want to lose weight and shape up to look good in the photos haha !
But also because of our health !

My anxiety prevents me from going out alone and I can’t ride a bike or go running because of my joint pains . But I am going to be working with someone in the gym so I can safely work out . My Doctor said it should be ok but no heavy weights or anything above my head because of my spine 🙂
I’m not looking to bulk up with muscle any way so will be avoiding that haha

I am starting the TeaTox diet first thing ! Fingers crossed it works , I have heard so much good about it 😀

I will be posting before and after photos too …. Even though I HATE my body 🙂