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My world (s)

I blog a lot about what I go through but never enough about my two little furbabies who help me through it all . 

Stan .

And Oscar .

They’re both just over a year old now . 

Both busy Bee’s and keep me on my toes . I wouldn’t have it any other way . 

If you suffer with mental health you will know you have to live in the here and now , otherwise your mind goes haywire and you find you can’t cope . You are your own worst enemy at the best of times . 

Having my two fur kids has helped me majorly . 

I now have two little ones to look out for . 

I have to get up in the mornings . 

I have to go out . 

I have to stay active . 

I have more of a routine . 

When you have fur kids you HAVE to stay on top of things . They can’t feed themselves , brush themselves , go for long walks on their own etc . You have to be responsible . I can’t walk very far without taking breaks but my little ones understand this . They enjoy no matter what . So long as we are doing something , they have fun . That’s all they want . 

However , in doing so much for them , they’re doing the same in return for me . 

I don’t have time to sit around and mope anymore . I am always on the go . 

Take Stan for instance . He’s the oldest but he’s the troublemaker . Oscar can sit quiet but Stan won’t unless I’m sitting down and he can sit on my lap . I have to watch him like a hawk ! He rips carpets , digs , steals pizza off your plate , drinks your coffee if he can get to it , pinches the TV remote , chews through toys , eats stones , rummages through bins etc . The list goes on ! 

Oh and if I do need a lye in in the morning , you can guarantee he’s messed his bed up . We have gone through 3 beds in 9 months . He’s a bugger , but a loveable one ! 

They most certainly keep me going and make me laugh each and every day . They are always so happy and it rubs off on me . Yes , they’re busy and messy , yes they are pains in the bum , but they’re my babies and I wouldn’t change a thing . 

My depression has died down a lot since having them . It hasn’t completely gone , I do get some super bad days , but I can manage better with them by my side 🙂 We are a trio and I love every moment ! They’re better than any anti depressant pill . The only side effect is happiness . Oh and poop …. Lots and lots of poop . They are poop machines 😂😂


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