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Gabapentin stopped working


As you all know I have been on Gabapentin 300mgs three times a day, for a while now. Well, as of 9 days ago, they stopped working.
They were a miracle drug for the short time they worked. I felt amazing. But 9 days ago I started to experience pain again, to the point I didn’t get more than 2 hours sleep a night for 7 days.
I contacted a doctor, explained my problems. He said to stay on them and keep the same dosage going.
I couldn’t bare it. The pain got too much again and with next to no sleep, I wasn’t eating properly.
So I took it into my own hands and upped the dose to 600mgs three times a day. Which was originally the plan anyway….

It’s helping!

I’m sleeping again, although I’m playing catch up and am still exhausted, I’m sleeping. I’m also eating somewhat normally.
It’s not the best choice, I didn’t want to do it without my doctors permission. But what can you do?


I will be asking for other medication though. I have been warned today that I could put 3 stone on whilst being on them!!
A friend went through it and was told to get off them by their neuro.
She put on a lot of weight which made her condition worse, and as I have been told to lose weight as it is, it’s not a good choice for me either.
I need to lose 3.5 stone as it is. I can’t risk putting on 3 stone more. It will make the crushed disc worse along with my hips and knees.


To help me lose this weight I am doing a 5k neon walk on the 22nd. It’s a massive thing for me but a friend is coming along to help me 🙂
I feel good about it. I never do these things because of my anxiety, but I know it’s good to push myself from time to time.
I also know the people organising it so that helps on top 🙂
– Yes, expect a blog about it!

Sorry about the delay between posts recently.
I have been in a lot of pain as I have said (above). I haven’t been in the right mind to post anything.
But here’s a little update 🙂
I will (hopefully) be posting more over the next few days though, to play catch up!