New medication

For the last 9 days I have been on Gabapentin 300mgs three times a day.
So far, so good .
They’re helping the pain from my crushed disc . Easing the pain in my hips and knees too . Although the pain hasn’t completely gone , it is way more manageable now .

I am feeling really good on them .
The first three days were odd. I was getting hyper after the third pill . So hyper I was awake at 1am painting…. Really not like me .
But now it’s all settled .
I’m sleeping far better …. Although I still wake with panic attacks , it’s not as often .
I have more energy ! Although come 8pm I start feeling tired , throughout the day, I feel amazing .

I’m honestly waiting for a drop / come down , but also enjoying it whilst it lasts  .

My anxiety and depression is low 😀
I still get dips and I’m not 100% but I’m better than I was .
I wish they had started me on these meds years ago !

Eventually, the doctor wants me on 900mgs eight times a day .
Now , I’m wary. Everytime I have gone on a high dose of medication, it has sent me back a thousand and one steps. 
Granted, I haven’t been on meds that have worked this well , but I’m still wary over it .
And it’s not like I can just stop these meds . It’s all gradual and counter medication can be needed , and this type of pain relief is for life too .

So I’ve decided I will keep track of my day to day lifestyle on these meds . Grade myself out of 10 . 0 being crap and 10 being amazing !
That way , if I do up the meds and I start getting worse , the doctor can read my notes and see how and when they effect me .

But for now , I am enjoying this energy surge and happy feelings and just going with the flow .

I would recommend this medication to anyone who suffers with chronic pain !
Although , I can see why people get addicted to it ….