Update on my physical health


After 9 years of trying to get to where I am today . I saw the Neuro last Tuesday .
After going through all of my MRI scans , even the ones they claimed they lost about 3 years ago .

We finally saw my bulging disc . It’s totally gone.  In the centre where there is supposed to be white stuff (as he explained) . Mine is all black and crushed . Which has been caused through an accident many years ago ….. 9 years to be exact and the accident was in college , falling on a wooden floor from running around in socks in an acting class …..

So we have a diagnosis there .
However , they want to leave an operation for as long as possible as I’m young .
They want to get me on pain relief and regular check ups every 4 months to make sure the disc doesn’t bulge out anymore and lean on my nerves .
At the moment , there is a little space which they’re happy with . So long as it doesn’t move outwards anymore .

One thing they did confirm for me though is that my hip and knee pain have nothing to do with my spine .
I need to get hold of my GP and demand further tests for those .
I am currently having pain relief for my right hip (it’s an experiment to see if it helps) . Cortisone injections . I’ve had 2 in my right hip and they have helped a lot . However, my left leg is extremely painful . Today is one of those days .

The Neuro also confirmed my back ache at the top of my spine has nothing to do with the disc either . I have very weak bones and joints through my Ulcerative Colitis.  Which will also need pain relief . But again that is up to my GP to sort .

I am hoping to see my GP next week to sort this out .
I am relieved that they want to wait before an operation . That is a plus . But at the same time , it would help a lot of my pain .

In the mean time I have been told to walk . Military position and walk as far as I can . It should help the disc pain a little . So my furbabies will love this …. More walkies !!

I will update as soon as I know any more .
I’m not letting this get on top of me .
I have decided to keep a pain diary and mark 1-10 pain wise with diagrams as of where the pain is .
So I can show my doctors and consultants .
But I am trying to stay positive .
My furbabies are helping me with that (as I have spoken about in an earlier blog) 😄

So this is my little update on my health .
I will post about what happens next when I know .
I will also keep you all updated on pain relief etc .

Thanks for reading .


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