Anxiety and depression with furbabies update


Just a little update on how I’m getting along with my furbabies .

We have had Stan and Oscar for a little over 2 months now .
It’s incredible what they do on a daily basis without even knowing it .
By them just being their playful (and naughty) selves , they have majorly made my panic attacks better .
I’ve gone from having a panic attack on a daily basis to having 3 in the last 2 months .

I still wake up every night having my “normal” panic attacks from sleeping . But throughout the days I feel a lot better .
I’ve lost a stone and a half in weight . I’m eating better and healthier . I’m happy .

I am exhausted , which is natural when you’re a sufferer . Doing things on a daily basis is a chour still . But I’m smiling more when doing things .
I’m out more and walking with my parents or partner .
I still can’t walk far , I have to sit down regularly and I am in a lot of pain when I’m home . But that’s because I have weak bones and a bulging disc . 
But I’ll explain that in another post .

So what do my furbabies help me do ?

– They get me up in the mornings . Rather than the afternoons .

– They help me get exercise in a small way. It’s better than zero .

– They help me focus on the present . What’s happening now . Not what could happen or what has happened . Not what I want that everyone else has . I’m focussed on today and what we are all going to do .

– I attempt to make plans . Where as before I couldn’t make any . I still struggle as my health is unpredictable, but I’m trying . Which is a major step .

– I’m focusing on the positive . I may need a spine operation , at the moment they’re monitoring me and getting me pain relief as I’m young . But the option of an operation is still open . However , I’m not scared . I know it would help me do more and feel better . If this operation came about soon, I would plan more with my furbabies and give them a really really good life of being out daily in new places . I have created a positive out of a negative .

– They make me laugh . Even on the days I feel like crying because I’m in pain . They cuddle me and always do something silly . They know when I’m going through a rough day . That may sound silly to people who don’t have a dog . But seriously , they know.  They can read you better than you can read yourself and it’s a godsend .


I honestly can’t say a bad word about them . They’re busy Bee’s , but they’re puppies .
They’re my lifeline right now and they’re the best decision we have ever made 🙂




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