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An ‘it’s all in your head’ moment .

Today I was told that I was wrong about my mental illness. Nothing is impossible and that I can go out , I can go to the gym , I can go to parties and I can have a “normal” life .

Now usually that can be seen as a nice , positive , motivational bit of advice . However it wasn’t. 
I was told this because a guy can do it . Because he said mental illness was easy to cope with on medication and that he got over his rather easily despite the fact he still has panic attacks which cause him to pass out .

This really annoys me and this is why the stigma is still around .

I’ve suffered since aged 6 with mental health . I am now 27 years young and I am still suffering . I know what I am capable of and what I am not .
It sucks majorly the majority of the time .
I know I’m not the only one .
1 in 4 suffer and every story is different . You can’t tar everyone with the same brush .
Some are misdiagnosed and some do just have mild depression where they can snap out of it and some are even seasonal .
Everyone’s story is different .
But I was told I was wrong .
That I should be going out even though it’s tough .
That I should be working and living a “normal” life like everyone else . That it’s me , myself , making all of this impossible and no one else .
Basically , “it’s all in your head” moment .

My blood boils at this .
These idiots are the reason why there is very little support out there !!
One person in a million recovers from mental illness and all of a sudden we all can?!
No !!

You learn to cope with the hand you’re dealt .
You learn to live the way you need to . But not all can be “cured” .
It’s not that we don’t want to , it’s something that we want more than anything in the world .
But our lives are filled with vicious circles .
Eg ;
Depression comes with anxiety , Anxiety causes panic attacks , Panic attacks cause exhaustion , exhaustion causes us to sleep , sleep is broken through the panic , so we end up even more exhausted . Through exhaustion we struggle with daily tasks such as showering and eating . No shower makes us feel horrible and tired . No food drains our energy and causes many other problems such as anemia .

I can go on and on but I think that is enough to paint the picture .

I don’t have the energy to do anything with my day .
I try and try and always end up in bed .
Granted , I have 2 wonderful dogs to help me but they haven’t cured me . I still have panic attacks in my sleep and I wake up gasping for air . Resulting in a broken sleep.  Every. Single. Night.

So to tell me , after I have explained this to you, that I can just get over it .
I’m sorry but that is the biggest pile of crap anyone could ever say !!

I know me , you don’t.  Just like I don’t know many others who suffer .
I don’t have the right to tell them that I can cope with certain things they can’t, so I don’t .
I try to help , I say what I have tried . I be a shoulder , but I never judge . Our lives are so messed up and hard as it is . We don’t need this idiotic debate every time .
We just need support and to be able to talk about it all .

It’s really boiled my blood today and I don’t want anyone else feeling this way .
I really hope no one else goes through this as it makes you feel crap .

These people need to educate themselves !!

Please don’t let these idiots into your lives , don’t fall for their games .
You’re doing just fine the way you are . Small steps are the way forward , slowly and surely šŸ™‚

Stay strong !!


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