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Santa Paws….

It’s been 6 months to the day that Ellie passed away.
It’s been hard , yet time has flown past at the same time.
One minute it was summer and now it’s Christmas.
I don’t get the luxury of spoiling Ellie with treats and toys this year. This makes me super sad as I would look forward to it every year. The sight of seeing Ellie’s excited face, tearing open those gifts and then running around to show everyone. She made my Christmas special for the past 10 years !!
Nothing could ever replace that ….

So this year I’m doing something different and in her memory. I’m making up a hamper for all the animals at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Llanelli.
I want to give something to those animals who haven’t yet found their forever homes 🙂

I have asked others to get involved too and so many have responded.
I have had 2 people donate things for a raffle, and so far 10 people are donating towards the hamper!!

It’s an incredible response and I’m so overwhelmed by it all.
I can’t wait to go to Many Tears and make those animals lives a little bit better for a day 🙂 To show them that they are thought of and loved by many.
And hopefully , donate a little bit of money from the raffle too 🙂


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