Carmarthen day out

Carmarthen old town festival was fantastic !
So much talent !

There was everything for everyone . Poetry , stories , acoustic acts , punk bands , ska bands etc etc (Yes , Rob’s band played & were fantastic!!)
It was lovely to see so many people come together and support the local talent 🙂

Throughout the town there were musicians & other shows going on .

I really enjoyed the small car show in the town centre . The pink cadillac was my fave though …. I need one 😉

We were in Carmarthen for 12 hours in total & it was fantastic!!

Feeling it today though . Lots of knee , hip & back pain . But it was lovely to get out for some air & to catch up with good friends 🙂
We’ve also made plans to go for a meal soon & to see each other more !!
This makes me happy

So all in all , I’ve had a good weekend . Just wish time wouldn’t fly so quickly . Rob goes back to work tomorrow 😦 Boo !! Lol




              (Band photos to follow)


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