A lot can happen in 24 hours

Over the last 24 hours I have been told that a so called friend has been finding my illness pretty entertaining .
She reads my blogs every time I post & then goes & reports back to my brothers wife about the whole thing . They both have a good giggle & a bitch .
Which is lovely when you think about what my posts are about .

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Battles
– And loss

Now most people would shy away when this happens . It’s a natural reaction when battling with mental health .

But I won’t . Why ?
Because I’m stronger than I give myself credit for .
I have had amazing feedback from my followers (Thank you) and my posts have helped quite a few in so many ways (My personal Facebook page has proved this)
So out of hundreds of you beautiful people ,  Why should I let 2 silly little , cruel , children , bully me out of something I love doing & something which is making a difference? 

What do they do to make a difference every day ?
Nothing !

I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to look good . I just seriously cannot think of one single thing they do to try and make a difference.  To try & help others …

I won’t let this pull me down nor will I feel bad over it .
I have the names & I have the proof . I have blocked them on my personal pages & I will never see them again as when we move , they will never be invited to our home .

So for those of you who also get this with your blogging . Don’t let narrow minded idiots ruin your good deeds . Don’t let anyone bring you down .
You’re a good person & you are making a difference 🙂
Stay strong , stand tall & keep moving forward .
It’s them who Karma will boot up the ass one day . Not you 🙂


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