For Ellie ♡

Waking up to silence
Everything feels so still
No greeting as I make my way downstairs
The clocks seem louder by the second
Tic toc , tic toc ….

No more pitter patter of little paws
No more clinking of the collar
Just silence !

No friendly face
Little moans behind the toys
No more banging of the drums as she wags her bum to greet me
Just silence !

This house is but a shell
Cold bricks and concrete
Everything feels empty when no-one’s there to greet you

When you left us for the rainbow bridge
You didn’t take a piece of my heart
You took it all
Sometimes the pain , this empty feeling is too much
I cry every moment that I get
I miss you more than words can describe
I love you more than life itself

I know you will wait for me
Beyond the meadows of endless flowers
I know you will wait for me

When those golden gates open one more time
And I peek my head through
I know I will be smothered with a million kisses

So rest well my baby girl
For when I pass through those gates
You will know my love once more
My arms will welcome you 



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