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You may have noticed , over the past 2-3 weeks I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to have been .
This is because of some very sad circumstances .

Since October 2014 , my Fiancé’s Gran has been battling Leukemia . It has been very tough on the whole family . But Gran did amazingly .
She came in to remission at the end of April . She started to pick up and was looking as beautiful as ever .
Gran got her smile back and was slowly getting her strength back too .
Then , out of no where Gran just wouldn’t wake up . Her body was shutting down and she was rushed into hospital . It all happened so fast !

Rob , my fiancé , got a phone call on the Monday saying to go in and say his Goodbye’s because she didn’t have much time left 😦
But little did we know she was fighting it even though she was sleeping .
Gran managed to open her eyes twice in one week . She was strong to the end .

Rob was there one night when Gran opened her eyes and personally , I think it was nice , for her to see her loved ones all together one last time . It’s a lovely image to have .
Gran sadly passed away a few days later in hospital . It was peaceful and she wasn’t in any pain . But it is heartbreaking .
The funeral was a week ago yesterday and it was such a lovely send off .

Gran used to teach dance classes . She had 5 in total and over 50 people in each . Both herself and Gramps would dance the night away with all of their friends ! They were utterly amazing !

On birthdays they both would get around 200 cards EACH from friends and family .
So you can just about imagine how many people showed up to pay their respects . Not everyone could fit in the Crematorium .

But I have to say , Gran would have been proud of her family . The flowers were perfect , the music was perfect and well pretty much everything was perfect !
I could picture Gran dancing away in front of us when the music was playing  .
The end song was called “Fox Trot” and it was also the name of her favourite dance .

During the funeral , Rob stood up and gave such a wonderful speech . It made me both proud and emotional .
All the wonderful memories he has to keep . The funny silly memories as a child and the memories he made with her as an adult .
He was very emotional as you can imagine , but he stood up there so proud to be called her Grandson . So proud to have known such a wonderful woman .
Rob has also written a song , which he read out as a poem .
(We will be putting these online for download but also selling them at future gigs , to raise money for Leukemia Research .)

Everyone said how well he made his speech . How proud they were of him and how proud Gran would be .
We all said , we don’t know how he could do it . It takes some doing .
I know personally , I wouldn’t have been able to .

VERY proud of him indeed .

The past week has also been rough . Up and down all the time . Like a yo-yo of emotions . Everyone can’t quite get to grips with it all .

One thing I can say though . Gran is my Hero !!
She was strong all the way through . Fought so hard . And although the cancer may have won in the end , she is a Hero in my eyes . I am privileged to have known Gran for the last 5 years . If I end up being half the woman she was , I would be a very happy lady .