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Lush hair review

As you know I have been using “Rehab” & “American Dream” by Lush to try and get my hair in better shape .

So far , so good !!

I have really frizzy and curly hair , and as I have a short fringe I have to straighten my hair daily and the fringe is a pain !!
Since using this shampoo and conditioner though , my fringe is staying in tact from the minute I finish drying my hair . I also have A LOT LESS frizz and my curls are looking better …. To the point that I don’t have to straighten my hair every day . Which is obviously helping with my hairs condition too 😀 

I feel so much more confident . 
My hair smells amazing all the time and it’s shiny and so much nicer than ever before . I love wearing my hair down now and feeling good about it . 

I have gotten into the bad habit of smelling my hair though LOL 
It smells SOOO good !! 

Highly recommend this product to anyone . 

Links are below if you are interested 🙂 

Really worth EVERY PENNY !!




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