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Update on ‘Dream Cream’ for my Eczema

So it’s been about a week since I started using “Dream Cream” by Lush .

It has worked wonders 😀 So happy with it 
Not only does it smell good & feel good . But it works !!

My hands were sore for about a year or so . Couldn’t do anything with them and the Doctors refused to give me more steroid cream (I haven’t used it for nearly 4 years now) . So I have been hunting out the next best thing . 
A friend recommended me this cream for dry skin and said it worked wonders on her eczema . 
So I gave it a go . 

It really is the best choice I have ever made !
It doesn’t even sting when you apply it . That was one thing I found most creams did and they would then make it worse . But Dream Cream is fantastic !!

I am now doing an experiment with my legs . 
I have horrible dry patches of eczema all over my legs and they look awful . I have to keep them covered . 
I will post an update on that later on 🙂 

But I think I will keep this short and sweet and end it here just by saying it is amazing and well worth a try .

These are the results (The first photo was taken a few months ago) 

10464411_10154322931285646_7129696085812749373_n 1623599_10155447929595646_1103944242273207508_n


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