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Diet day 1

Diet day 1 went rather well I think …. 

I haven’t eaten any rubbish . I have substituted all sweets / crisps etc for fruit . My fave currently being Strawberries and Bio Yogurt ! :O Delish !! 

The Teatox drink tastes a lot like lavender . Which isn’t too bad but it’s hard to finish a cup . 

I WILL plough on though and find a way to ignore the flavour though , haha . 

Although it’s only day 1 , I have felt the effects of having more energy 😀 
I usually nap between 6pm & 8pm as I have zero energy to keep going , but today I haven’t ! Which is a first in a very long time !
I even had a busy day .

I woke up at 10am . Showered , changed , went to Burry Port to get my hair cut and styled . Came home for some lunch . Then went back to Burry Port to see Rob & visit his Grandparents . Then got home about 9:30pm . It’s been non stop , but I’ve not felt the need to nap 🙂 

Rob has decided though , that he doesn’t want to start the gym . He is sticking to his bike . So myself and my best friend are going to start the gym next week 🙂 
We are going to go at 9:30am for 2 hours , Monday – Friday . Only doing light exercises though as we both suffer with bone and joint problems . But we both want to lose a lot of weight .

My aim is 5.5 stone by August and hers is 6 stone 🙂 Then once we have lost it , we want to keep going just to keep our weight the same 🙂 
I also have a wedding next June so want to look good for that one as well ! lol

Lots of plans . Which is good ! It’s another massive leap for me with my anxiety and depression . 
I know it won’t be as easy as I’ve put it across …. I wish it was . But I will get there . I am determined and have my best friend by my side 🙂 We can do anything together ! 
We have gone through everything together since we were 3 years old .
We both suffer with mental illness too so are both battling this together 🙂 

So fingers crossed for next week !!

I am pretty excited though 😀 


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