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Lush !

In my experience, I find that along with Anxiety comes Eczema .
I don’t know if anyone else experiences this but I definitely do .

Every time I get anxious or stressed I find my eczema flares up rapidly . I have it on my hands , legs , arms and scalp .

It’s not one of my most attractive features that’s for sure !
Granted I can hide my legs and arms , which is ok for the cooler days . But my hands and scalp are a little trickier .

My Doctor won’t give me the steroid cream anymore . I had it once , 3 years ago . But for some reason they won’t prescribe it to me anymore . It is the only thing that helps . I scratch until I bleed and especially in my sleep …. I wake up and my bed has blood all over it …. It’s not nice at all !

So I have decided to look online for things that may help . However , they cannot contain perfume as I am allergic to most and my face will swell and I’ll look like I have the flu . Not just that , perfume isn’t good with eczema . 

So, I took a huge risk and ordered some hair products from ‘Lush’ .

The smell in the shops made me think that everything had perfume in . However , after some research , I found that the products are all natural and Vegan . They are also hand made !

I thought “why not” ! I will do anything to stop myself from scratching and making my hair look like I have been hit with a snow machine .

This has turned out to be the BEST decision I have ever made !

I have used these products ONCE and my hair is amazing ! I am scratching A LOT less and my hair is 99.9% black 🙂
You don’t see any nasties at all 😀
I am super impressed ! And yes , I highly recommend people to try it !
I’m not saying it is a cure for everyone and I’m not saying it will work for me forever . But right now , it is !

‘Lush’ are reasonably priced . Their products are all natural . They have a huge range .

Check them out ! 

I have ordered more products too .
I will write a review on them as well to let you know how I get on .

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on their masks. “Cupcake” & “Catastrophe” . Sadly, they are sold out at the moment .
I have heard they are amazing !

I suffer with redness under my cheeks , which is linked to my asthma , but have been told these masks help stop the redness 🙂 So I am dying to get hold of them !

The links below are the hair products I am currently using .

Seriously , give them a try ! They smell so good I want to eat them . Especially the strawberries and Vanilla :O And the shampoo is great because my hair needs some TLC .


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