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Previcox (Firocoxib) 227mg nearly killed my dog !!

These last few weeks my dog , Ellie , has been up and down . She had a major ear infection which wasn’t fun at all 😦 She got given drops and Previcox .
At first , all was great , her ears were clearing up nicely and she was beginning to get a lot better.
We went back to the vets after 10 days and things were looking up . 

Then after 20 days she went down hill and FAST !!

She had hurt her paw which was causing her some discomfort . The vet thought it was a problem with her nerves . He put her on more Previcox for another 20 days .

Ellie was on them for about 25 days in all (including ear infection) and we had to stop giving them to her .
She was very lame . Not wanting to go out to pee or poo .
She was eating but we had to feed her and water her in her bed or where ever she was lying .
She couldn’t walk straight . Ellie looked liked she had been drinking alcohol heavily and bumped into every wall , fell over hitting her legs and face on the floor . She would walk into doors / door frames and she would hurt herself .
We decided to pull her off the meds as it kept getting worse . To the point it took 2 of us to help her walk !!
It was like her whole body was giving up on her !!

Yet her nose was wet and her eyes were bright . She just couldn’t function .

After being off her meds for a little over 72 hours , she has now FINALLY started to walk alright again . She is eating from her bowl , wanting to go for walks and being herself …. Minus the slight depression . She isn’t as bright today . 

I am furious that we weren’t told about the side effects of this medication .
One gentleman wrote a review about them saying his dog went through everything my Ellie has been . But a lot of people ripped into him for it as they helped their dog etc etc .

The thing is , not every dog is the same . Just like every human-being .
There are side effects to any medication and we should know about it !!
We are told with a child , that if symptoms occur , to go and seek medical advice . Why aren’t we told this with animals ? We did not know that it was the medication at first . If we had kept my Ellie on these meds , she would have died … WITHOUT A DOUBT SHE WOULD HAVE DIED !!

Ellie is 10 in June . She is an older dog , so we do have to be more careful with her . But age shouldn’t matter.

When you get meds as dangerous as these , they should come with a warning . Not just a brown paper envelope with her name on !! 

Please , any dog owner who gets given these meds for their baby. Please please please be careful ! Keep a close eye on them and if they seem off in any way , STOP using them and take them back for different medication .

It’s not fair what my baby has gone through . It’s been a horrible road .
I for sure , will NOT be giving her these meds EVER again .

Sorry this isn’t my usual blog , but I felt it was important to share this horrible experience with everyone .

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Gym & Depression

I started the gym last Monday (20th)
It’s been really great ! 
The first day I was with a personal trainer for induction and she went over what to do and not to do regarding my illnesses . She was really great with me . 
I was so nervous before going . Although I went with a friend . I didn’t know what to expect and my anxiety was sky high . 

I didn’t sleep properly the night before , I felt too sick to .
I had about 2 hours sleep before heading to the gym at 9:30am .
I was shaking but doing my best not to show it . 

The trainer kept asking me questions and I could only answer with one word to start with . After 30 minutes I was ok . But to start with , it was hell (mentally) . 

But I did it !! I fought through the anxiety and I went . I felt so much better for it 🙂 

I am now on day 3 , going into day 4 of the gym and I am feeling the benefits already !!

I lost 10lbs on the teatox diet , in 9 days !! So that helped boost me a little . 
I am currently waiting for my 28 day teatox to show up so I can carry on with it 😀 
But the gym is helping on top . 
I do feel tired after it , but it is only the first week 🙂 

I am eating healthy still . But enjoying it . I have cut out rubbish but I do enjoy my food . I play around a lot with things to get the best flavours . 

I’m not ready to put photo’s up yet of my fat belly , but once I get to a comfortable weight , I will show you all the results 🙂 
I was 15.5 stone before starting and am currently down to 14.09 stone . So I am slowly getting there . Little by little 🙂

The gym has been challenging . I can’t push myself too hard as I have spine problems and knee and hip . But I am on the treadmill for 20-30 mins a day and the bike for 10 mins . I go on the rower for 10 minutes if my body is up to it . But that is my routine 🙂 
I’m not allowed to lift weights , sadly , but the rower should make up for that .

I went to the gym yesterday with my best friend . She had been there longer than me so had to leave to make an appointment . As it was quiet I decided to stay . I lasted 40 minutes in there all together . I only left because someone else came along . 
I’m still not ready to face the world alone . But I am getting there . 
It is a struggle and I still get major panic attacks . But I am handling it a lot better now 🙂

With my depression , over the last 3 days , I have seemed to pick up a lot . 
The Teatox was also helping a little , but the gym seems to be helping more , and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it 🙂 

Having to leave the gym after 40 mins did effect me a little . It didn’t last too long though . 
I did think I was stupid and others would see it that way and call me on it . They haven’t though 😀 
The depression and bad thoughts lasted about 30 minutes or so and then I just got on with my day . (Not that I do much lol) .

Today was a better day as myself and my best friend lasted an hour at the gym together . We decided an hour was enough for us today and next week we will try going for an hour and a half . 
But we are building up to it . 
Last thing we need is to push ourselves too far and have to take a break so soon haha .

We are going 5 days a week , but taking the weekend as a rest so we don’t over do it 🙂 

I will keep updating my progress on the gym and let you know how my anxiety and depression weighs up too . 

Hopefully , it will keep getting better 🙂

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Lush hair review

As you know I have been using “Rehab” & “American Dream” by Lush to try and get my hair in better shape .

So far , so good !!

I have really frizzy and curly hair , and as I have a short fringe I have to straighten my hair daily and the fringe is a pain !!
Since using this shampoo and conditioner though , my fringe is staying in tact from the minute I finish drying my hair . I also have A LOT LESS frizz and my curls are looking better …. To the point that I don’t have to straighten my hair every day . Which is obviously helping with my hairs condition too 😀 

I feel so much more confident . 
My hair smells amazing all the time and it’s shiny and so much nicer than ever before . I love wearing my hair down now and feeling good about it . 

I have gotten into the bad habit of smelling my hair though LOL 
It smells SOOO good !! 

Highly recommend this product to anyone . 

Links are below if you are interested 🙂 

Really worth EVERY PENNY !!



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Update on ‘Dream Cream’ for my Eczema

So it’s been about a week since I started using “Dream Cream” by Lush .

It has worked wonders 😀 So happy with it 
Not only does it smell good & feel good . But it works !!

My hands were sore for about a year or so . Couldn’t do anything with them and the Doctors refused to give me more steroid cream (I haven’t used it for nearly 4 years now) . So I have been hunting out the next best thing . 
A friend recommended me this cream for dry skin and said it worked wonders on her eczema . 
So I gave it a go . 

It really is the best choice I have ever made !
It doesn’t even sting when you apply it . That was one thing I found most creams did and they would then make it worse . But Dream Cream is fantastic !!

I am now doing an experiment with my legs . 
I have horrible dry patches of eczema all over my legs and they look awful . I have to keep them covered . 
I will post an update on that later on 🙂 

But I think I will keep this short and sweet and end it here just by saying it is amazing and well worth a try .

These are the results (The first photo was taken a few months ago) 

10464411_10154322931285646_7129696085812749373_n 1623599_10155447929595646_1103944242273207508_n

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Friday night fun

So in a previous blog I mentioned I went to a gig …. I also went to another gig the night after …. It was AMAZING !! Best crowd yet and my man was amazing on stage 😀

Everyone loved them and I was comfortable surrounded by friends ! Old & new 😀

It was so nice to feel good about myself . I felt great because of the people I was with . The music was awesome & the other band , Stand Up & Shout were amazing too .

We all had a great laugh and we didn’t leave until closing time .
I had a few drinks but spent under £10 . We went to Tesco afterwards and I bought some food as I was starving lol . But I stuck to the healthy stuff . No sweets / crisps / rubbish 🙂 – Which was my downfall after a drink .

No panic attacks ! ! ! !
I was anxious before getting there , but that passed once we met up with everyone 🙂

It was a great night !!




Sadly , I was ill after being out two nights in a row and am currently still recovering from very painful joints .
It does suck when you can barely walk or get out of bed …. But those two gigs were worth it 🙂 lol

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Diet Day 5

The diet’s going well , I think .
I haven’t weighed myself yet as it’s only day 5 but I have noticed my double chin has gone down 😀

I feel less bloated . My stomach is still fatty lol but I don’t feel like a balloon all the time . I feel like I can breathe out without looking 8 months pregnant :/ haha !

I am still having a cup of tea / coffee though . Only one a day 🙂 (instead of 6-8)
I have substituted all sweets for fruit 😀
Tesco have an awesome selection ! I have found lemon golden raisins , which are my new fave thing !!
Also dried cherries 😀

I do find myself craving for a lot of veg too . Carrots , peas and sweetcorn mainly .
As I’m veggie I use quorn bits in with the veg . Today (and yesterday) I have had peas , sweetcorn and quorn bacon bits , in a bowl with a teeny pinch of salt 🙂 OMG !! So yummy !!

I’m also finding myself drinking a lot more water 🙂 I love my fizzy peach water but also apple and pear barley squash . Along with plain water too .
It’s best ice cold though as room temp , I find , is harder to drink :/

I have made plans to start the gym . Sadly, something has happened this week so I can’t make it . I have to book an induction but they only do them on a Monday . So I will be booking myself in for next Monday 🙂
I can’t wait to get going . I’m going with 2 friends so we can motivate one another .

Thanks to TeaTox , I actually have the energy to do something lol
I’m not needing to nap in the afternoons anymore 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I didn’t need a nap !! I feel great .

It helps my depression big time . I’m wanting to get up and do things !
I’m not just sitting around “bored” . I’m up and moving around . Watching programmes , making food , sitting in the garden , etc .

So there are many benefits of being on this diet 😀

Just 9 more days to go and I will post my before and after weight .
I’m only on the 14 days trial but I will be going onto the 28 day trial after this !

Let’s see if I can lose this 5.5 stone by August . I’m feeling positive 😀