A little me time

So after going through some stressful house hunting months , I have decided to spoil myself and make myself feel better .

I have ordered some teatox to kick start a diet .

I am cutting out a lot of rubbish foods .

I have ordered some nice natural shampoos and conditioners to treat my hair and make me feel good .

I am going to be booking a hair app to sort my tangled mess out .

I have ordered a ‘Pocahontas Animator Doll’ to add to my collection of models …. They make me happy .

And I have bought a coffee machine as I can’t function without my morning coffee and I have been after one for AGES !!

I hate spending money on myself, usually. 
Even my birthday money goes on Christmas presents for others because I love to spoil people . 
But I think it’s about time I treated myself 🙂
I need to feel good !
After weighing myself this morning and having a shock on the scales, I want to feel good about myself …. I know the coffee machine won’t help much there but it’s a treat 😛 

Have any of you tried the Teatox diet ? 
I am VERY tempted to do a video diary once I start …. I will put up my starting weight & clothes size & talk everyone through what I do , how I feel etc ? 
What do you guys think ? Will it be worth me doing it ?
I know dieting can help with depression too …. If it’s done right ?

I also have a wedding to go to in August and I want to look good for my friends sakes ! 
I hate being the chubby one in the corner of photos , trying to hide my tummy but showing off my double chin . 
I want to be smiling because I am 100% happy , not because I have to smile for everyone else . I want to feel good about me and it’s been quite a few years since I have felt this way . 
I have accepted the fact that my illness is life long , I can’t do much about that . But I can do something about my weight and my looks , and I’m not going to sit back and just let it go 🙂 I am going to try ! 😀 

If anyone has any advice , please feel free to let me know …. What’s the best diet ? What would you like to see in my video diary ? Would you like me to do other diaries to go with my blogs ? 

I’d love to hear some feedback off you ! 
My blogs are here to help me vent and get advice , but I’d also like to think I help others out . Even if it’s 1 in a thousand …. I’d like to think I am doing some good 🙂 
So please, feel free to get in touch 🙂 



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