Through the high comes the low

So I realise I haven’t blogged in some time. Life has been a little hectic. 

My Dad is making a great recovery and has started his gym sessions at the hospital 🙂
He’s enjoying them but they are tiring for him . But it’s been great to see him getting back to normality !

We have had some sad news though which has really hit him.
He made a friend when in hospital called Martin.
He was 44 years old.
Sadly, he couldn’t have his operation the same time as Dad because he had a chest infection.
However, Martin was called back a few months after and he had the operation.
He phoned Dad before going in, making plans to visit in the summer and to bring his motorbike down for Dad to see.
He was feeling so 
great about the operation because Dad had come out feeling great.
Sadly, Martin passed away on the operating table 😦
It knocked Dad for six.
It hit him because he was told every one in so many could pass away. And Dad made it . But Martin didn’t and he was so young ! He’s the same age as my oldest brother.

Mam & Dad both attended the funeral.
It turns out Martin was a very much loved man.
Over 200 people attended !!
He was very kind and always donating to charity. 

Dad has been a little depressed since the operation, but with this on top he has been up and down. 

I can’t blame him. The shock of someone so young passing is one thing , but someone who has gone through what you have and hasn’t made it like you . We’ll that’s totally different.

It really does make you think about life. About what we are missing because of damned mental illness.
But it doesn’t take much to be kind.
So I have been looking into charities and looking at ways I can help.
I know I can’t physically do much, but I could donate bits now and again or help advertise events VIA Facebook/Twitter etc 🙂
If this amazing man could do it, when he was suffering with a bad heart. I’m sure I could make a small difference from behind a computer screen. 

So that’s one little update. It is of the low side that I have been through with family, sadly. But I do have more to come in a little while. Which will be much happier.


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