I made it out :O

As you all know, I go through a great struggle daily and rarely ever go out anymore.

Well, my fiancé had his first gig a few weekends ago and I attended it 😀

I didn’t go with anyone except him so when he was going on stage I was a little terrified of being left alone.
But I kept my cool, pulled myself out of the situation, and before I could over react…. Rob’s friend’s showed up and kept me company 🙂
Matt, the guitarist, had his family show up too and his lovely father bought myself and Rob a drink.
This really helped me!!
I had company and supportive people surrounding me and I felt amazing.
Not only had I made it out, but I avoided, what could have been, a major panic attack !!

It may not be a huge thing to a lot of you who read this, but to me it is MASSIVE!!

I get panicky leaving my house to just go to my car, which is parked outside the gate.
I have to sit there for a good 5 mins before I pull away, just to get my head together.
Once I am driving I am ok. But that is what I am dealing with.
If it wasn’t for the car, I would never get out. Even though I rarely go anywhere and it only costs me £40 a month to fuel up.
It’s still a life saver.

So this gig, for me, was HUGE !!

But I did it, and I feel absolutely amazing !!
Don’t get me wrong, I slept like a baby for a few days afterwards and I slept most of the days away because of how stressful it is on my body. But I still did it !!

I also took some photos …. Which I would like to share 🙂

I’m not a pro with cameras and these were just taken on my phone. But I am quite proud of myself for doing this!





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