You are not alone ♡

So I spoke to my friend today .
I haven’t spoken to him in a few weeks due to being ill and trying to sort bits out . But I feel really crappy because I found out he tried to kill himself .

He has been suffering with depression for a while now but he lives too far away for me to help him in person . However , I do try to be there for him via phone / online .

I just thought “no news is good news” . But I was wrong .
He is ok , he’s getting help but it made me think 😦

I tried to take my own life , first when I was 10 and I couldn’t go through with it . Then when I was 19 and most recent was 2.5 years ago due to medication .
That feeling is awful ! And I hate to think of anyone out there going through it alone 😦

The thing is , I’m not the strongest person . I’m weak and I give in to most of my depressed feelings , but I got through it ! I got through the wanting to die bit 3 times in my 26 years . If I can do it , anyone can !
I just wish there was a way I could help . Like fly all over the world and help every single person on the edge .
Sadly I can’t and this is the best I can do :/ Blog !

I know times can get tough , I know that the option of dying can seem amazing compared to waking up and feeling low day in day out, and feeling a burden on family and friends .
But honestly , if you did end it all , it would hurt people you love so badly . It can destroy their lives and honestly , that is the most selfish thing you could do .
I know it doesn’t seem that way at the time , that you think they’ll “get over it” . But trust me , they won’t .
I spoke to my parents about killing myself the last time I felt that way , and I saw how terrified they looked that they could lose me . I could never put them through that again .

Speaking out does help though ! Even if you just scream it out at someone . They will understand and they will support you 🙂
The worse thing you can do is keep it to yourself .

So please , if you do feel this way , reach out and let people know so they can help you 🙂
You’re not alone ! ♡


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