Hey all !
Sorry for the lack of blogging this week , I have been so ill with this virus rubbish ! I haven’t felt up to much at all .
It’s been crap !

I have noticed something though …. This past week all I’ve done is think think think .

I used to love getting up around 11am (Never been an actual morning person)
Getting washed , dressed etc etc . I had a routine so I would be ready within 45 mins and down stairs having a cup of coffee .
I used to sing to some music on Youtube , have a spring in my step and be away .
I had hobbies and used to go out .

Where has the motivation gone ?
I have accepted the fact that I will never have that life back as too much has changed . But I never noticed the motivation to do things .
I love art , but I barely do much anymore .
I love science , but all I do is read bits on Facebook pages .
I love reading , but haven’t finished my last two books on TMI .
I have no motivation at all .
I wake up to good music every day as that’s what I have for my alarms . But I’m happy to switch them off and I rarely sing along any more .

I just feel like there’s a missing piece .

I love the thought of getting back into all of the above . But I honestly don’t know how :/

I am getting a sleeve tattoo next week , I am really looking forward to it . But I have no interest in designing it . My tattooist is brilliant and I have left it all up to him . He knows what I want 🙂
But years ago I would have gone to the tattooist with a design :/

My friend has also given me the responsibility of designing save the date cards for their wedding .
I have drawn up a few scribbles to what I am going to do . But once again , years back , I would have done the main design by now and would be going over what needs tweaking :/

Does anyone else have these same problems ?
Like a “meh” feeling to motivation ?
Is there a way around it ? Is it a side effect to medications ?

Any info would be fab 🙂

Thanks for taking the time out to give this a read !! ♡


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