Today was canceled

So today was poop !
Woke up feeling yucky , this stupid head cold / virus has decided to set in . My fiancé was ill last night too and had to take time off work today because of it . He’s NEVER ill.

So this resulted in me having to cancel on Jess 😦
I feel super bad about it, but she is lovely and understands !
Our next catch up will be after her holiday in about a weeks time 😀 I can’t wait to hear all the gossip and what it’s like out there 😀

On another note , I have taken up peeler beads lol
Making art form little beads that you fuse together by ironing them 😀 It’s fun …. But I’ve run out of the colours I need to complete my logo lol So will be ordering more on Friday after putting money down for my tattoo.

I’m super excited about that too. March 3rd I’m getting a full sleeve tattoo ! Jess’ boyfriend is doing it . He is amazing !! So I’m really looking forward to seeing his designs etc 😀 

So despite being ill…. I have got a few things to keep me occupied whilst resting and something to look forward to 🙂 

I’m determined to not let this virus make me feel bad . I look bad enough with it , I don’t want to feel any worse than that ! I will attempt to keep smiling xD 


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