Coffee date ! Challenge #3

So today I went to Carmarthen , on my own . With a Satnav to help me find a friends house .
I was bricking it to start . Shaking , feeling nervous / sicky . Bad thoughts . All the what if’s / buts & maybe’s .

Then I got in the car & just drove !
Before I knew it , I was there . Parked outside & feeling good !

I went to a friends house , on my own , 30 min drive from my house / comfort zone . I stayed there for 4 hours , jawing away . We spoke about lots & most was random but it was great ! One convo led to another 🙂
It was so nice having my old friend back 🙂

It slowly does feel like I’m getting my life back .
No panic attacks , well not today , just smiles & giggles & coffee 😀

It’s been great & I hope to do it again soon .

I highly recommend this to anyone who is like me . Anxiety sucks ! But if you can push past it , just for a few hours , it really is worth it !

I have another coffee date tomorrow with another girl friend so will post up how that goes .

Wednesday , I am having a lazy day though …. I know I will be exhausted after these coffee dates . It does mentally drain you , but it is nice to get some air and to rant about random crap and laugh !
Laughter is key when you are low . It really does make you feel so much better 🙂

Thank you Jade for today !!


2 thoughts on “Coffee date ! Challenge #3”

    1. Awh 🙂 Thank you hun ! Means a lot 🙂
      I’m pushing myself more and more every week … Making sure I have lazy days though so I don’t push myself too far too soon 🙂 xxx


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