Challenge #2

Yay !!
I did it 😀
I drove to Burry Port , crossed the bridge at the train station , called into my friends work ,  met my friend , sat in a café I have never been to before , had a catch up for two hours & came home , battled my way through awful traffic on the way . And I’m alive and feeling great 😀

I admit , I was having doubts and my head went all fuzzy . I imagined all of the bad stuff , what if I get mugged / attacked etc etc . I fought back against it and , even though I am mentally exhausted , I did it !!
I feel amazing through doing it and I’m doing it again next week 😀

I’m not saying there won’t be a day where I won’t be ringing my friend going “could you come meet me instead” because , let’s face it , it could happen ! But I know when that day comes she will be understanding and want to help . I know she won’t put any pressure on me . And that’s what’s great about these coffee dates 🙂 No pressure & I feel great afterwards !
I also get to chat and catch up with my friend 😀 😀

She’s going away soon on holiday !! Soooooooo lucky & yes I am jealous !! But I can’t wait to hear all the gossip and news about what it was like & who went where etc ^_^
She deserves a break & her hard working boyfriend does too …. Wish I could go instead of him though 😛
I may try and sneak into their luggage …. Free holiday ! Haha xD


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