Doctors , pills and finally know what’s happening to my body …. Sort of ….

So I had an appointment today with rheumatology …. Nice hyper happy Doctor ….

Basically he asked how I was and it was the usual “Not good, in a lot of pain and it’s getting worse”.
He nodded and went “Yep it will” …. He then named the condition …. Something something negative something (Long proper medical name which I didn’t catch but remembered the negative type word lol)
He then went on and said it’s not common in my age group but it’s not extremely rare either .

The pains getting worse because I can’t do much about it. It is a life long condition.
He then asked if I worked to which the reply was, of course, “no”.
He asked about my previous job in retail and what I did etc etc .
His words were

“Ah ha! So you worked 40 hours a week? Standing up on hard floors. Stuck behind a desk all day. Only allowed to walk the shop floor for customers or break. You were lifting and moving heavy and awkward things. Only having two days a week rest, if you were lucky.”
“That’s your problem. You can’t do all that. Unless you can find a job where you can wonder around when needed. Not lift anything and sit when you like so you can have a rest ….. You can’t work.”

So basically to round it up, I’m not allowed to work again because my health will never get better.
He said I can learnt to cope with the pain, juggling and guessing when to take anti inflammatories (as I have Ulcerative Colitis) Also stretching and walking on a treadmill or cross trainer. I have to have someone with me at all times though at the gym and I have to work my whole body and not just one part or it’ll all get bad. He also advised me to go every day, but not for long periods of time. I’m to Youtube stretches and techniques about my illnesses too .

I have a lot to do!
He wants to see me in a years time to see how my coping methods are coming along, but he said not to expect a massive change as this pain will never go away….. Yes I am gutted as I can’t sleep through it !

Which brings me on to the medical side.
After months and months of me asking the Doctors for sleeping medications. I have FINALLY had some without having to ask.
So not only do I have anti-depressants, pain killers & 
pentasa to take daily …. I now have sleeping meds too 🙂
They’re meant to be amazing ! Amitriptyline …… I think that’s how you spell it ?
It will help me sleep for 12 hours IF it works !!
Fingers crossed as I’m sick and tired of having no sleep .

I still have to go for my MRI when I’m ready though . Just to be 100% that there’s nothing else going on too. But other than that …. After YEARS of tests and more tests ….. We have finally found out what it is …. Kind of …. Lol !!
At least I know I can some what cope with it . And also maybe now people will get off my case about needing a job …. Because I actually CAN’T work !!
It’s not like I don’t want to ….. Because trust me , I bloody well do !! (-.-) Being locked in my room with myself day after day is hell !!

But yes , that is what happened today 🙂

I’m seeing my GP tomorrow about other meds, so will discuss this with him and hopefully find out what it’s called 🙂 I shall keep you all updated 🙂  


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