An ok day !

Today has been an ok day πŸ™‚
I have had next to no sleep again !! But I’ve been up and out .
It’s my Aunties birthday so we popped by to see her .
We’ve had a nice take away (treat) and a rather relaxed time watching Youtube videos πŸ™‚
By ‘we’ I mean myself & my FiancΓ© πŸ™‚

It’s also my Mamgu’s (Grans) birthday today . She would be 95 πŸ™‚
I miss her a lot !
She passed away when I was 9 and I have never gotten over it :/
She was like a second mother more than a Grandmother πŸ™‚ β™‘

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow about my joints (as I’m always in pain)
I’m hoping my knees will be swollen so I can show them – Last time they stopped playing up for a few hours whilst I was in there –
I have photo’s of the swelling too just incase πŸ™‚ I just hope they can find out what it is .
The pain in my hips is now also spreading upwards to nearly the centre of my back 😦 It’s very painful but they can’t do anything until they can pick up on either shaddows in the MRI’s / X-rays or in the bloods .

Sadly, I have UC (bowel condition) so bloods aren’t reliable . If I am going to have a flare up , my markers go up in the bloods , so they don’t know if it’s arthritis or my UC (-.-) TYPICAL !!

Yeah my life isn’t easy ! Lol
Sometimes I wonder when I have depression ….. (-.-) lol

So fingers crossed I get somewhere tomorrow and have yet another nice day ….


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