Still next to no sleep

So, I’m at Rob’s …. Like every weekend…. Thought I would sleep like a baby as I usually do here . Nope !
I didn’t sleep much at all and I’m exhausted (-.-)
It’s starting to get to me now . I’ve tried everything !
Going to bed early
Staying off games consoles , phone etc etc
Breathing techniques
Soft music


Nothing is working and I have no idea why :/

Anyone else have this problem ?


2 thoughts on “Still next to no sleep”

  1. Yes – when I get a good night’s sleep I feel like I’ve won lottery. I have to say the whole meditation and deep breathing really helps me fall asleep. However, I usually don’t stay asleep because I have to pee!! Always something, good luck!

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    1. Thank you
      I an hours sleep last night and it was nice . Then I tried to go back and it didn’t happen until 6am !!
      I’m exhausted now but have a lot to do today (-.-) Urgh !
      Just wish something would give a little :/

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