Head’s in the shed (again)

Well , I didn’t make town today . Not exactly by choice .
I didn’t sleep until 7am and I’m truly exhausted !!

Also woke up to some really bad news . My old History and R.E teacher who was also a family friend and someone I held close , has passed away .
I rarely saw him these days but he was never far from my thoughts .
Mr Evans Mod 🙂
I was bullied extremely badly in my first school . He was the only one who helped me .
I had counselling but it never worked .
I couldn’t sit exams in the hall with everyone else because it would petrify me , but Mr Evans insisted I could do them in his room . He would help me though haha ! Tell me stories about the questions I couldn’t answer …. Which would have the answers in 😉
He would take me out of class if he was ever walking by and saw a kid bullying me .
He would let me know that everything will be alright .
He even knew I was smoking and would let me smoke his pipe in his office lol .
He made me fall in love with History and thanks to him I was a top student all the way through my first and second school !

Mr Evans never put himself first . He helped so many people !
Such a kind and loving man .
I will miss him dearly ♡

This world has lost a legend ♡

All my love goes out to his family ♡


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