Ups & downs but some positives in there :)

In my last post I have said I have been through a tough time, other than the crap those people gave me.

My Dad was taken in to The Royal Brompton Hospital, in London, last Sunday. He had a triple heart bypass on Monday. It was horrible having to say goodbye to him and then playing the waiting game.

He had a successful operation. Dad stayed in for 6 days and he is now home with us 😀 
He looks great to be honest. You would never tell he had had heart surgery! 
He is in a bit of pain, that’s to be expected though 
But he’s doing amazing ! 
My Dad NEVER stops amazing me 🙂 

Mentally for me it has been HELL. I cried as soon as he left on Sunday. My dog, Ellie, was crying with me and cuddling me 🙂 It was super sweet. And Rob stayed with us the whole week 🙂 So I had constant support. Along with my amazing family ringing / texting / unboxing me every day . And a handful of friends that I hold dear of course 🙂 
I just couldn’t battle back the bad thoughts, the what ifs and maybes that always seem to slip into thoughts, even on a good day.

Even now I am scared for no reason ! He’s home, he’s safe and he is well. But I am worried about him non stop !
In the morn I am taking my mother to the nurse to sort out appointments etc for him
Then Tuesday I am taking him to have stitches out. 
I don’t mind running him and Mam around at all. I just wish he could stay at home for the next 6 weeks and not have to move around lol. I’m always worried he will trip or his legs will go weak (he has arthritis too) etc. 
Stupid ! I know ! but this is what I am battling with lol 


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