Feeling loved .

So these last few days have been super tough on me .
The meeting with PIP drained my energy , finding out my Dad will be going in any day now for his triple heart bypass & it’s going to be to London hospital .
Having eBay mess me over thanks to a horrible buyer . Having to organise my birthday (which I was looking forward to) .

It’s just all taken it’s tole as it’s all hit at once !

But even though mentally I am stressed and physically drained . I still have those bright little lightd around me . That warm feeling . Love .

From close friend to people I haven’t met yet 🙂
I am recieving a lot of lovely messages , Facebook tags , texts etc 😀
It may not seem like much from those of you I am talking about , but it is to me !
Those little things keep me going !

Yesterday I was in bed until 4pm . My Dad brought me a cup of coffee and left it out side my bedroom door , a simple gesture , but it made me smile and made me happy for the rest of the day 🙂

You all have a massive impact on my life and I just want to say , THANK YOU 🙂


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