This past week has been exhausting! 

I have been so so busy!!
Since passing my driving test last Monday (3rd) I have been non stop driving 🙂
I’m driving my Dad around at the moment as he has disabled tax and I can’t go anywhere without him, but I’m driving never the less. I’m going out shopping with him, I’m dropping my mother off at work, driving to see my fiancé, driving to see my friends. It’s great! I’m doing stuff lol!!
My friend made a good point the other day.

“This time last year, if I had told you that you were going to pass your driving test, you would of argued blind with me that you wouldn’t be.”

She is so right. One year ago I was all negative. “I can’t” “I won’t”. Now I’m “I shall” “I can” “I will”.

I feel like a different person! I’m more positive and so much more supportive to anyone and everyone.
I still know I am limited due to health problems, but I’m pushing myself a little more every day. I have accepted I may never be “normal”, but I can be unique and happy with that 🙂

It’s def’ the little steps, the little things, that help.
CBT helped me get my mind on a more positive pattern, driving has helped me get some fresh air and get out of the house every day. I still can’t do crowds or walk far due to my knees and hips, but I’m doing short walks to the shop with my Dad, from the car to the building and back. I wouldn’t do this months back. I’d be convinced I’d have a panic attack and make a fool of myself. But I’m handling them. I def’ think the car helps, it means I have somewhere to go if I feel an attack coming on, a safe place 🙂 I can lock the doors and sit there calming down. I’ve just got to get used to parking now lol. I’m ok in disabled bays but not regular. There’s just so little room lol. I will get there though 🙂 (see positivity) .

I have received so many cards congratulating me too. It’s crazy!! And my little Nieces have said they are proud of me :’) But it means I have to go up and see them more and they promise they’ll let me lye in if I sleep up there lmao!!  


Is anyone else looking into their driving test who also suffers like me ?
If you want a chat please feel free to contact me 🙂 I’ll try & help as much as poss.
All I can say is, don’t let anything stop you, you deserve it more than most. Getting in that car is one of the hardest things you could do, but once you do it and pass your test, it all becomes worth it 😀
Never give up!! 


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