Little bit panicy

So my test is tomorrow at 11:21am, I have an hour lesson before that at 10 . I’m nervous as hell.
I know what to expect now but I feel super panicy . I don’t think 4 pints of lager and lime has helped my anxiety lol .
I went out yesterday with my Father in law to be & my Fiancé. We had a great night . Rob drunk more than me as I held back because of driving .
It was a really nice night .
I had to come home though as we don’t live together yet , and I’ve been panicy ever since .
I went to bed at 11 but woke up at 1:30 . Been awake since .
I hate not being with Rob 😦 He helps keep me calm and makes me smile ! I wish he was here now to tell me everything is alright .
I’m convinced I’m going to fail tomorrow/later.
Seriously, because I’ve failed twice now, I’ve lost confidence in myself . My last 3 driving lessons have been “perfect” according to Austin (instructor) and he can’t pick at anything . Which is fab , but the examiners do pick and they have a fail rota . I know it’s at the end of the month for them and now we are at the start but I am still convinced I will fail lol
It takes a lot for me to even get in that car & I wish they could see that . I control my panic – somehow – throughout the lesson but once I’m home I have to go to bed as I’m exhausted through it all .
Honestly, if it wasn’t for my Dad needing a triple heart bypass & me being the only one who can take Mam back and forth (if i pass), I wouldn’t bother putting myself through this !
Being around people I don’t know is super hard for me , let alone being in a car , with a guy , who I don’t know . What makes it worse is that it’s their job to judge me . . . . Urgh ! I just want tomorrow over with already 😦


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