Day out

So today myself & Rob went to Tenby.
It’s my first day out in ages !
It was very quiet & windy but the wind was warm 🙂


I was exhausted after only 2 hours sleep but I did it !
I left the house !
Rob drove for nearly an hour to get there .
Sadly our original plan , Carew market , was called off as hardly any stalls were there , but we made our way into Tenby instead 🙂
It was lovely !


Beach , colourful buildings , old buildings , sweet shops etc.

We walked around for about 2 hours . Sadly my knees swelled up and my hip gave out (left) but I still enjoyed !

I bought the cutest pencil from Aero Beach !!



Peter rabbit xD
I love it ! & I had to get it !!
So going back there as they have amazing stuff 😀
If you are ever in Tenby , def’ stop by for a look 🙂

We bought a Christmas prezzie for our friends Matt & Bryony 😛 Something small , funny & cute lol But that was from a diff’ shop 🙂

Then we wondered around from shop to shop & eventually called in at a sweet shop for some fudge . I got a few lil’ bits & so did Rob but I picked up quite a bit for my parents 🙂 All diff’ flavours 😀


All in all it was a brilliant day & I loved it ♡

The only down side was , on the way back to the car I had a panic attack . For no reason !! It drained my energy even more then and when we got home I had to nap .

But I did it !! I left the house for a few hours .
Yes , there were a few set backs, but I made it out & enjoyed never-the-less 🙂



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