I realise I haven’t updated for a few days, well not properly. To be honest my energy levels are so low I can barely stay awake during the days.

I haven’t really been up to much so far this week. I have done an online Christmas shop for my Fiancé, he has A LOT of nice things coming his way 😉 
Sadly, I can’t get out to do any sort of shop so everything is online at the moment, which I don’t really mind as I have spent £15 on him so far and got him a pile of things!! Ebay is addictive though haha. I also bought myself a Pokémon card 😛 Vaporeon Holo …. Yes I am once again addicted to my childhood hobby.
I have so many cards it’s ridiculous. All my old 1st editions, plus the new tins I have bought. Along with my Magic The Gathering cards…. I have 4 decks and counting.
I need folders now though so I can collect properly 🙂

On a down side, I had to cancel my driving lesson yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too well so stayed in bed most of the day. Today I am exhausted and still not 100%
I went for a blood test to see if I need more iron infusions. Turns out I don’t …. So it’s not me being anaemic that is making me tired.
I swear it’s the CFS that I posted about. I get aches and pains, swelling of the knees, hips pains, back problems, insane headaches/migraines. MRI scans don’t pick up on anything and bloods don’t either. So there can’t be anything else. It has to be CFS :/ 

I went to the hospital today with Dad, not just for a blood test. He needs a triple heart bypass …. He’s been on the list for 4 months and they say it takes up to 26 weeks to get seen. But Morriston is full to the brim at the moment so he’s been told he can go to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Which all sounds well and good but…. Only one of us can go with him – Mam – and that means she will be alone, in London, with no idea where to go for food etc and it’s a large city!! 
I’ll have to stay home with the Dog, which means I won’t see Dad for a min of 5 days as I can’t travel to London and back with the Dog. It’s too far!! 
So we are trying to push Morriston now. All we got told was “You are half way down the second page to be seen”. How big are the pages? How small is the writing ? Are they double sided ? It really didn’t help!!
But we spoke to a lovely lady in the hospital today who is willing to help us in any way possible. 
Hopefully Dad will be in well before Christmas OR ASAP after as my brothers wedding is next May. (Not that I’m going – LONG story) .

Apart form that, all I have been doing is playing Destiny and doing The Vault Of Glass with my friends. Which is nice, as not getting out really does get to me and just having someone to talk to helps 🙂 – Not about problems, just to chat with in general 🙂


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