Positive note.

CBT went well.
I spoke about how my driving went , what I achieved personally out of it even though I failed the actual test.
I spoke about possibly joining the gym to help with my health problems (with help from a proffessional)
I spoke about my ultimate goal – To work in theatre again. I think I’ve had a positive day !

I did bring up about some random guy having a go at me for being “rubbish” on Destiny . But I said I didn’t let it get to me . He doesn’t know me & he’s just a bully. I hope no one else gets that crap! No one deserves to be bullied . That’s my main concern now. People who are like me and who are suffering. They don’t deserve to feel small and alone . No one does . And it does bother me that there are people out there going through hell and feeling alone in it all.

Reach out !
Trust me , I know it’s scary ! I was terrified of starting up this blog. Thinking people would use it against me . But no one has . Yes I may of gotten lucky but what right does anyone have to judge me anyway ? Only I can judge myself !

Who has the right to make anyone feel small ?
When I got in that car for my test, I knew before I even pulled away that I had failed because the examiner was a cock (putting it politely). But was I going to let him set me back 10 steps ? No!
No one should let anyone do that to them 🙂 Forward is the only way ! Onwards and upwards . Don’t let anyone tell you anything different 🙂

I know I will get bad days . I know I will re-read this and think “What a load of rubbish” , when I’m going through bad times . But it’s not rubbish . It’s truth !

Anyway , today has been a good, positive day , and I have had some good news , but will fill you all in on that within the next week when I know more 😉

Keep smiling !


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