Trouble in dreamland

Fell asleep for 10 minutes earlier & I was so exhausted I decided to get dressed for bed. I got in to bed and was so comfy . Then my brain went “Ping! Hello, I’m awake now”.
Yup yet again I am exhausted but my brain seems to want to stay awake!

I feel really warm too :/ Wonder if I’m coming down with something or if it’s because I’m really tired?
I know The Vampire Diaries is out at 2am so if I still can’t sleep then I’ll watch that (I am pretty excited for it).

It’s not all a bad night though. I followed Fire In The Hamptons on Instagram, they rarely follow back and are only following 69 people out of 500+ fans …. Yeah, I got a follow back ^_^ Kinda chuffed 😛
Only got into their music thanks to Scott Michael Foster recommending them 🙂
Love their work 🙂 & Scott for just being awesome 🙂


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