Don’t be scared of CBT.

So I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they’re scared to start CBT. That they think the mental health nurse will “get in their head”. Here’s the truth with my experience.

Every Friday I meet Alun at 3:10pm.
I go into a room with him in my Doctors surgery. It’s just myself and Alun.
Alun asks me how my week was, I explain, good/bad/hard/etc. We then talk about everything I have logged. For example today I will talk to him about this week, I will tell him I have started blogging and have had good feedback from those who read it. I’ll tell him that it makes me feel really good about myself to be so open about my illness. He will then explain about why it helps mentally etc.
I will then go on to tell him I failed my driving test but I didn’t let it get to me and I booked my next test straight away. We’ll go over how hard it was for me to get into the car etc. I log everything on paper, like I do on here.
He will then try to help me by suggesting what I could do next time to help me feel less stressed etc.

He doesn’t push me to talk. I don’t have to say a word if I don’t want to. He’s just there as support. Like a good friend who is willing to listen but who is experienced enough to suggest ways to help.
Since starting CBT I am down to 2 panic attacks a day. I managed to go on holiday with my Brother, Sister in law, Fiancé, Nieces and Nephew. I went to Cornwall for a whole week and I only had 2 panic attack when I was out – That was in a crowded, small shop.
On a normal day I would go out and break down straight away, but I managed to travel all that way and be fine. (Minus the regular morning and night panic attacks I always get).

So, CBT doesn’t “get in your head” as such 🙂 You just learn to control your thoughts.
You set your mind on a more positive track.
Alun (for me) is just there to help explain things. He has explained why I get panic attacks and how the body works. He’s explained depression to me too. It’s wonderful when you know why your body is doing the things it does. Once you understand it, you can control it! I am starting to take control. Step-by-step I am getting there 🙂

I highly recommend anyone in my position to go for it. Go and see your Doctor and ask to start CBT 🙂 


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