Tough day, but I did it!

Well, I was in two minds whether or not I should post this, but sod it! This blog is about being open and honest and I believe in making your own luck. Keeping this secret hasn’t been working for me lol

So today I had my driving test. I failed! But I’m not angry, just a little annoyed as it’s £62 for the test and £46 for the hour lesson!! Money which I don’t have because I don’t work.

However, I did it! I managed to drag myself from my bedroom, go out and face the world. I got in the car with a total stranger and I drove around for 50 minutes!! I didn’t have a panic attack, I did freak out a little through nerves but they didn’t get the best of me. I failed on something stupid which I didn’t even know I did. Apparently, when I turned right at the cross roads I swung out to the left first and stopped a car (which wasn’t there).
Basically I was at the cross roads, let the car ahead go as it had a big ass, turned right, looking in my mirror before I did so as the RED MAZDA was up my ass. There was no other car on the other side of the road. Just this red Mazda and a blue car behind that.

Annnnyway, I failed the driving but I passed my mental test 🙂 So I have achieved a lot today 🙂 I am stronger than I give myself credit for! If I can do it then anyone can!

Situation – Driving test, Carmarthen.
Thoughts & images (0-100%) – What if I crash? (60%)
What if someone smacks into me? (50%)
What if I say the wrong things to the examiner? (80%)
What if I go sick? (40%)
What if the nerves get the better of me and I have a panic attack? (95%)
Evidence to support this – I can’t leave the house without having panic attacks.

What actually happened – I got in the car and did my best! I didn’t panic and I managed to stay calm. I feel exhausted through losing sleep but nothing went wrong like I imagined.


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