I have been thinking, and I need to get a plan in order. I don’t sleep well at all. Maybe 4 hours a night with constantly waking up in-between.
I don’t do enough in the day time to make me tired for the night time so when I’m in bed my mind is in over drive. I need to find a way to stop this.
I think the gym might help. Although I can’t do a lot of exercise due to joint pains and Ulcerative Colitis, I could do something like walking on the treadmill for an hour? It may help get me more active and help reset my sleeping pattern 🙂
It’s a scary thought though, going to the gym. Being around a load of strangers and being active…. Possibly on my own. I have a whirlwind inside my head of all the negative things that could happen and it’s hard for me to reason with myself.
I am hoping CBT on Friday will help me 🙂 Speaking with Alun makes everything clear and he puts everything into a positive light.



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