Hi, I’m Lola. I am 25 years young and live in a small town in Wales, UK.

I suffer with anxiety and depression (along with other illnesses).

All my life I have been through a lot of negatives and never been able to see the positives in life.

Until now.

This blog will be like my diary, of all the mental ups and downs that I go through and how I come out of it stronger 🙂
I may post some really negative things on here and then come back and edit it later with the positives that happen.

Let me explain a little bit about my anxiety.

It isn’t the typical anxiety where I will only get butterflies and not want to do something.
I suffer with panic attacks.
Leaving the house is a massive challenge for me and most days I choose to stay in.
My panic attacks make me ill to the point I won’t cope with the days at all. I tend to hide in my bedroom and stay there.
My depression was kicked off through this.
In future posts I will explain in more detail.

My aim with these blogs are to show people that they’re not alone.
Feeling alone with mental illness is hard. I found it really tough to wake up every day because I would feel like I had no one to turn to. It feels like the world is going by and no one even stops to think about how you might feel. Well, they do!

Every 1 in 4 will experience depression and anxiety in some way.

I am also open to suggestions. If you feel like I have skimmed through things a little too quickly then please feel free to contact me and I will create another post focusing on that 🙂

I am also here for anyone who wishes to talk 🙂 No matter what my personal problems are, helping people is what I enjoy doing the most.

I am NOT a professional, I just have personal experience with mental illness and would like to try and help others by speaking out 🙂 


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